Occupational accident insurance coverage provides benefits to independent contractors injured or killed in a job-related accident.  Cost is only $9.00 per week.  For more info Click Here

A Certified Nursing Assistant is a rewarding career with endless possibilities. Being able to assist someone when they are most vulnerable is a career that’s often overlooked but is truly rewarding. Every day you will have the opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life. You can be there when babies take their first breath and sometimes be the person holding your patients hand when they take their last. By putting on your scrubs and walking into that patient’s room you automatically become part of their lives and that is something incredible. If you are aspiring to be a nurse, consider being an aide first.  You will immerse yourself in the healthcare industry making your road to becoming a nurse so much easier and most companies will promote you when they may overlook new graduates. The need for CNA’s is growing fast and by 2020 this job category is expected to be the largest work force in America.  Phone 727-614-8400

Family owned since 1919, CM&F believes in great products, better technology and the best service.  Our commitment to the Home Health profession dates back more than 30 years.  Home Health Aides, CNA’s, Caregivers and Companions all rely on our expertise.  Our program focuses on individual caregivers, not the agency or office, so you can be confident that your integrity is protected .  Most home health workers will never be sued, but if you are, the protection you have matters.  Trust CM&F to be there when you need us most.  Annual Yearly Premiums begin at $77.00.  For more info Click Here

Home Care Contractor

Working as an independent home care contractor has a lot of advantages, especially when it comes to your business taxes. Let us help you grow your business and provide affordable tax filings and accounting support.  For more information Click Here